Little Girl – Mary Plays at Being a Fairy

Play at being a fairy, a witch and a kind prince with Mary and her friends Louis and Dorothy. Look for the sounds…

Little Hero – Super Hero

Turn yourself into Teddy the masked super-hero and rescue cats in distress. Stop the robbers with your freezing ray…

Paddington™: Adventures in London

A bear in the City! The adventures of a very singular bear. Help the inhabitants of London and become the perfect…

Garfield Kart

Join Garfield and his friends in the funniest fast and furry-ious game!

Little Boy – Lance’s Ambulance

Ride on Lance’s ambulance and drive injured people to the Emergency Room. Look for the sounds and interactive…

Little Boy – Wayne’s Train

Train ready for departure! Wayne is taking you for a ride aboard his nice steam train. Look for the sounds and…

Little Boy – Oscar’s Police Car

The bank was trashed… Speed in pursuit of the baddies with Oscar and his police car! Look for the sounds…

Kit^n^Kate Collection #1

Kit^n^Kate app collection helps young children learn about simple things through a range of educational games. Each App allows the child to first watch an episode of the animated series and then start playing a simple and colorful interactive mini game that is relevant to the story and designed to stimulate their cognitive development.

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Build a Snowman

Escape the summer heat with “Kit^n^Kate Let’s Build a Snowman”! Have fun with your child, while developing creative thinking skills through the natural process of play!

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Draw

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Draw helps early learners to develop their artistic skills.

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Match

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Match helps develop the logical thinking and visual memory of early learners by means of matching games with beautiful animated animal drawings.

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Style

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Style uses puzzle games to help develop your child’s artistic intuition and creativity.

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Plant Flowers

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Plant Flowers introduces children to the educational world of horticulture, farming and plant identification.