Kit^n^Kate Let’s Plant Flowers

"Kit^n^Kate Let’s Plant Flowers" introduces children to the educational world of horticulture, farming and plant identification. Your child has the opportunity to develop their creative intuition and critical thinking skills with our extensive fantasy plant selection. Kit^n^Kate Let's Plant Flowers offers your early-learner valuable life-lessons in responsibility; choosing the seeds, helping plants grow, all following the life cycle all add to the depth and enjoyment for your child and you as parents.

At every stage your early-learner will cultivate both their plants and their critical thinking skills by factoring different variables that may impact their plant. After a little hard-work and some love, your child will get an opportunity to experience responsibility as they witness their flourishing plants. Once competed, they can add their plants to their collection in their personalized garden!

• A creative and educational gameplay experience
• The easy gameplay provides an accessible gaming experience that will keep your child entertained for hours!
• An exclusive Kit^n^Kate episode is included with each purchase

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