Kit^n^Kate Let’s Style

"Kit^n^Kate Let's Style" is an enjoyable, fun and easy-to-use game for early-learners and of course Kit^n^Kate fans! Let's Style uses puzzle games to help develop your child’s artistic intuition and creativity. With the click of a button, they instantaneously becomes the stylist for their favorite Kit^n^Kate character. This app gives you access to our entire Beauty Parlor toolkit so that your child has the opportunity to express their creativity through a myriad of fashion styles.

Want to help out or even curate a few outfits yourself? Our interactive software ensures that anyone can join in on the fun and anyone can help their early-learner develop the creative skills needed to collect the perfect wardrobe. With Kit^n^Kate Let's Style you can easily impress your friends and family as well as praise your child's creative style by simply saving their best and most innovative outfits!

• Direct interaction with Kit^n^Kate 's beloved cast
• Puzzle games to help develop your child's motor skills and creativity
• An exclusive Kit^n^Kate episode is included with each purchase

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