Notice for some HTC and Samsung users:
We are experiencing some problems on certain devices, we are working to fix these issues and will update the game asap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the sound not working?

There are three different reasons your iOS device may not make sound:

Headphone mute
Software mute
Hardware mute

First, check the headphones to make sure they are not accidentally muted. Then, press the Home button twice to make a panel appear at the bottom of the screen. Swipe the panel to the right and you should see a speaker icon. This icon should not have a bar through it. Finally, check the hardware mute button, located on the side of the device, and make sure the device is unmuted.

The version on iTunes is now different from the one I purchased.

Humongous Entertainment re-released Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo and Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell. These versions are identical to the ones you may have purchased from Atari. Although the older versions are no longer available on iTunes, they should still be available via iCloud.

Does my game work on iPhone, iPod and iPad?

All of our games work on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Will these games become available for Android devices?

Yes! We plan to release all of these games for all smart phones and tablets.

Is Freddi Fish a boy or a girl?

Freddi Fish is a girl. Her green-colored friend, Luther, is a boy.

How do I play Happy Fun Sub in Spy Fox in Dry Cereal?

You can play this game by tapping the FUN button on the Spy Watch. You steer the Spycraft, a cool Spy Corps vehicle that transforms from airplane to speedboat to submarine, by tilting your device up, down left and right. The object of the game is to collect satellites, buoys and submersibles to complete a level. You have 5 lives to start with, avoid the obstacles or shoot them with sandwiches and suction cups or jump over them. As you progress, the number of satellites, buoys and submersibles needed to complete a level increases.