Humongous Entertainment and Toonbox tie the knot for iOS and Android games in North America


Kit^n^Kate franchise debuts after 100 Million YouTube views and multiple international TV deals.

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 20, 2016) — Humongous Entertainment, developer of classic children's PC and Mobile games, and Toonbox animation studio have announced an exclusive publishing deal in the United States and Canada for a series of associated mobile applications based on the Kit^n^Kate preschool animated series. The first four games in the series debut on Tuesday May 24th and will available on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Each App includes a complete Kit^n^Kate episode with early learning mini games for $1.99 each. During the launch week all Kit^n^Kate Apps will be on sale for .99 each.

Kit^n^Kate is an educational television series about two small kitties who learn how to make right choices while enjoying magical adventures in their playroom. Kit^n^Kate is airing in Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania (Disney Junior Australia), South Korea (EBS), and has been picked up by YLE in Finland and JimJam for Eastern Europe, Benelux, MENA, and can be watched worldwide via Kidoodle.TV, NetKids, BatteryPop, Toon Goggles, KidsWorld (Bluepin) and other VOD platforms.

“Humongous Entertainment has a 20 year tradition for the highest quality content for early learners and their parents,” said Jonathan Wan, CEO of Humongous Entertainment’s parent company, Tommo, Inc., “We are proud to introduce Kit^n^Kate to our fans in North America and know they’ll enjoy these wonderful episodes and the educational games in each Kit^n^Kate app.”

“We put a lot of effort into production of our apps and cartoons and we are looking forward for the future cooperation with Humongous Entertainment” said Ivan Ponomarev, Game Producer of Toonbox, "We tried to make them as much fun and entertaining as possible."

The series teaches kids to overcome difficulties while communicating with friends and grown-ups and help mastering rules of conduct in various situations. Kit^n^Kate’s creative team includes leading screenwriters specialized in animated content for kids: Jymn Magon (“DuckTales”, “Adventures of the Gummy Bears”, “New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, “Darkwing Duck”), Mike de Seve (“Sesame Street”, “Beavis and Butthead”), Susan Kim (“Pocoyo”, “Speed Racer: the Next Generation”).

The apps were developed by Toonbox for iOS and Android platforms, as well as Amazon Kindle & Windows phone in the future and allow kids play with lots of interactive elements and communicate with favorite Kit^n^Kate characters. The main feature of the games is the possibility to first watch the episode of the animated series which served as a basis for the game and then start playing the game itself in the relevant setting.

Releasing on Tuesday, May 24th:

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Kit^n^Kate Let’s Match

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Match will guide you and your child on an amazing learning adventure! Through discovery, games, and songs Kit^n^Kate helps develop your child's logical thinking and visual memory.

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Plant Flowers

Kit^n^Kate Let's Plant Flowers offers your early-learner valuable life-lessons in responsibility. With our many entertaining features, your child will have the opportunity to learn about the magical world of plants!

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Kit^n^Kate Let’s Style

Kit^n^Kate Let's Style is an enjoyable, fun and easy-to-use game for early-learners. With access to our Beauty Parlor toolkit, your child has the opportunity to help define themselves and develop their creative intuition.

Kit^n^Kate Let’s Draw

Kit^n^Kate Let's Draw is the latest educational game that helps your child develop their artistic skills. The in-game coloring and painting features will introduce your early learner to the amazing world of art as well as teach them the basics.

Check out a complete Kit^n^Kate episode here:

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Humongous Entertainment is one of the most iconic brands in the history of children’s software with over $100 million in worldwide sales. Originally founded in 1992, the company pioneered a software genre that was both educational and entertaining with production values and quality benchmarks still unsurpassed today. Humongous introduced fully scripted adventures, professional voice over actors and beautifully animated scenes that truly brought Humongous adventure stories to life. Over the years millions of kids have grown up with Pajama Sam, Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, Spy Fox and other great Humongous characters. Humongous Entertainment is owned by Tommo Inc. which has a quarter century background in publishing, development and distribution in the game industry.

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Toonbox is an animation studio based in Cyprus which has produced more than 260 projects, totaling more than 12 hours of high­-quality animation content. Today the company’s portfolio contains a number of animated shows at various stages of production. Major projects are Qumi-Qumi, Kit^n^Kate, Mr. Freeman, and Shaman’s Quest.